The children's curriculum is designed as a 9 month season culminating in a spring concert. The year is divided monthly for tuition purposes only. Each class requires a minimum enrollment of 5 students.

(1 class per week)
(ages 3 - 4, 4 - 5)

Movement structured for the small child. Dance at this level includes ballet shapes, body awareness and creative movement

(1 class per week)
(ages 4 - 5)

Students study ballet shapes, mime, dance/theater history, music, free movement and patterning.

(1 class per week)

Students study a more formal ballet barre as well as jumps and patterning steps. Studies in dance/theater history and music are continued.

(2 classes per week)

Formal ballet class. Each student is taught the basic elements of turnout and how to apply ballet alignment to their individual body. "Perfect" fifths are discouraged in favor of aligned legs and torsos.

(2-3 classes per week)

Intermediate class. Discipline and consistency in approach are required as the ballet syllabus expands toward the introduction of pointe work.

(4 classes per week)

Advanced class. Four years of previous training required. Includes a weekly pointe class. Saturday morning rehearsals are required if we are doing a Nutcracker season.

Summer workshops to be announced.